Defensive Driving Certificate

Defensive Driving Certificate

At Alaska Online Defensive Driving we believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about your defensive driving certificate of completion. Once you graduate from our driver safety course online, your certificate will be sent to two different locations, both of which can be Tracked upon completion.

The first place your defensive driving certificate is submitted to is the Alaska DMV. This is done immediately upon graduation by our company. We send your completion certificate to the DMV for motorists who are completing the program for a 2-point credit.

We also mail you an original copy of your defensive driving certificate of completion. This certificate will be sent via 1st Class USPS Mail FREE of charge. Once we send out your certificate, please allow 5-10 business days for mailing. Once your certificate has been delivered, you will need to present this copy to your courthouse, auto insurance provider, employer, or whoever needs to be notified of your course completion. We are not responsible for sending your defensive driving certificate anywhere other than the Alaska DMV.

If you need to receive your defensive driving certificate of completion quicker than the time frame given, we have multiple upgraded shipping options. Read below to see which best fits your certificate delivery needs!

Upgraded Shipping Options

Shipping Method Cost
Regular Processing: Certificate is sent within 2-3 business days of graduation via 1st Class USPS Mail FREE
Same Day Processing: Certificate is sent immediately upon graduation through 1st Class USPS Mail $9.95
(Recommended) Same-Day Instant Delivery: This option allows you to download and print out your certificate as many times as you need and is available instantly upon graduation $10.00
Same Day Processing with FedEx 2nd Day: Your certificate will be processed immediately upon graduation and sent via FedEx with FREE online certificate tracking $35.95
Same Day Processing with Overnight Service: Your defensive driving certificate is sent out the same day you complete the course and you will receive it the next business day $39.95
Same Day Processing with Saturday Overnight Service: Your certificate is sent immediately upon graduation. You must call our office by 10:00 AM PST Saturday for next day delivery $45.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I enroll?

    Registering is quick, easy, and only takes a few moments of your time! All you need to do is click here and you will be redirected to our online registration form.

  • How quickly can I complete the program?

    The great thing about taking an online defensive driving course for Alaska is that you can work at your own pace. Although our class is designed to be an eight hour program to comply with state requirements

  • How much does the course cost?

    If you are looking for a cheap and affordable program, this website is right for you! For the affordable fee of $39.99, you will receive everything you need for the program.

  • How can I make payment for the program?

    From start to finish we make the process of taking defensive driving as easy as can be. This includes the payment. We offer multiple ways for you to pay your tuition fee for the course.

  • What happens if I fail the final?

    If you do not pass the final the first time, you can retake it right away! You won't have to pay any extra fee and you won't be penalized.

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