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If you are looking for a quick, easy, and stress-free way to complete an Alaska defensive driving program online, you have come to the right website! As a branch of the first online traffic school introduced into the nation, we are proud to say that we have been helping motorists keep their auto insurance low and their driving records clean since 1996. Our online defensive driving course is affordable, convenient, and will only take you a few hours to complete. Because you don't have to go to a classroom multiple times a week with our program, we help you save time, money and gas! To get started, simply click on the button below. You'll be able to take the program all at your own pace and earn your completion certificate at the end. You can be done before the end of the day!

Why Choose Us

As you may have seen, there are a few different Alaska defensive driving programs you can choose from. The first decision you face is whether you prefer to take the course in a traditional classroom or if you would like to take an innovative, quick, and simple online program. Here's why online is more efficient:

  • You don't have to waste gas getting to your destination
  • You won't have to sit in a classroom for eight hours
  • There won't be a teacher dictating what you need to do
  • You have unlimited chances to pass everything
  • Our course is available 24/7 along with our customer service staff
  • And more!

In today's world, no one has time to waste. Between work, school, and other responsibilities, everyone is always on the go. Don't you want a defensive driving course that will fit into your schedule and not be a burden? Enroll Today in our Alaska Online Defensive Driving program and you will be on the road to a clean driving record and safe driving!


When looking for your ideal defensive driving program in Alaska, you want to make sure the school you choose will take care of all your needs. Our online Alaska defensive driving program has all you need to:

  • Remove points from your driving record
  • Clear your traffic violation
  • Reduce your auto insurance
  • Fulfill employment requirements
  • Become a better, safer driver

Because our defensive driving course is approved by the Alaska DMV, no matter what reason you need defensive driving, you are able to take our program. Just make sure you are Eligible!

Two-Point Reduction

The most common reason motorists choose to participate in a defensive driving course is to receive a two-point reduction on their driving record. Once you obtain a traffic violation, you will be assigned a number of points on your driving record. These points are determined by the type and severity of your violation and will vary. The most efficient and quickest way to reduce these points is by participating in our Alaska defensive driving program online! If you have any negative points and blemishes on your driving record, your auto insurance is sure to hike up. Why pay more money when you don't have to? Register for our quick and easy defensive driving course today!


Not sure if you are eligible to take our defensive driving course online? Don't worry! Finding out is simple.

If you are taking our online defensive driving course for point reduction, you are able to do so once every 12 months. There are exceptions to this rule though. You must contact the Alaska DMV in order to confirm that you have permission to take a defensive driving program in order to remove points from your record.

For those who don't have points on their driving record just yet, but want to take this course in order to dismiss a traffic citation, you must gain court permission. There is no time restraint on this like there is for point reduction, however you will have to speak with the court or a judge. Generally, you will be granted permission to take the Alaska defensive driving program if you do not have a large amount of points on your record already, received a minor traffic violation, or do not often receive traffic tickets. Find out more information about your eligibility for defensive driving.

Motorists with a CDL

If you are a commercial driver, sometimes knowing whether or not you can complete an Alaska defensive driving program can be confusing. When you receive a traffic citation, you must notify your employer within 30 days, and the Alaska DMV if you obtained your violation outside of the state.

If this is your first offense, you will lose your CDL for one year if your violation was for any of the following:

  • DUI
  • Leaving the scene of the accident
  • Refusing a breath or chemical test
  • Causing a fatality due to committing a felony or careless driving
  • Committing a felony involving a motor vehicle
  • Driving a CMV with a suspended, canceled, disqualified, or revoked CDL

If you were operating a CMV placarded for transporting hazardous materials, your suspension may be extended.

If you have a commercial driver's license and are on your second offense or more, you may lose your CDL or it may be disqualified. Please contact the Alaska DMV and/or your employer for more information.

Review the Alaska Commercial Driver License Manual.

Getting Started

Registering for our Alaska defensive driving course is done in just a few quick moments. Simply fill out our Online Registration by providing the information required. Once you register online, you have the ability to start right away or at a later date-the choice is yours! If you prefer, we also offer live Customer Support available 24/7 with helpful staff members that can assist you with your registration. Why wait any further to register for our course? Fulfilling your defensive driving requirements is only a click away!